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Furniture transport

Do you wish to transport furniture from A to B? You can easily do this with the help De Bresser’s professional furniture transport. We are your partner when it comes to moving or transporting furniture. Both private individuals and companies can reach out to us for a full-service. With our over 100 years of experience as a moving company, we assure you that your furniture will be delivered safely and efficiently to its final destination. Thanks to our software, you can easily manage and locate your goods yourself. Our trucks drive multiple times a week through the whole of Belgium and the Netherlands. We are also active throughout the rest of Europe.

Discover our full-service furniture transport

To assure the furniture transport will be without any issues, we offer useful and extra services. We can assist you with packing the goods, unpacking and assembling the furniture, returning the packing material, and much more. This can be of great use when you are planning on relocating internationally. Our handy and enthusiastic experts will ensure for all furniture to be in place in no time. This full-service is available for both private individuals and companies. We provide this full-service (on request) throughout Europe.

Logistics centre

De Bresser is specialized in logistical processes related to all types of furniture. From our logistics centre, we arrange the packaging of furniture before it is loaded and transported. Thanks to our advanced software, you have the opportunity to manage and control your goods for logistics purposes yourself

We transport, among other things:

  • Restaurant furniture
  • Medical furniture
  • School furniture
  • Hotel furniture
  • Luxury furniture

National and international

We drive our furniture routes in both Belgium and the Netherlands multiple times a week. De Bresser delivers to both our B2B and B2C addresses on these routes. In both cases, we can provide full-service delivery. Meaning, we can store, move in, unpack, and assemble the goods, and return all the package material. We can take care of the entire logistical process throughout Europe on request

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