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De Bresser relocations

Relocating can be quite an event for you and your family. Oftentimes, moving can cause stress, however, we can assure none of that is necessary. De Bresser is a member of the Organization of Acknowledged Movers. Meaning, you can count on our important guarantees and our professional, responsible, and carefree move.

To outline a clear picture of what to expect, De Bresser is happy to provide you with the clearest and comprehensive quote possible. Read about our way of working below.

Step 1

Intake / quotation

De Bresser offers three different options. You can choose to discuss your move by phone, in that case, you discuss with our advisor what needs to be moved. Our experienced advisors will then indicate what is needed for your relocation to take place and indicate an hourly rate. The second option is to give us a tour by means of a video call. In this way, you can show us what needs to be moved, after which we will put together a more detailed quotation. De Bresser’s preference would, however, be the third option. The third option includes a visit from our specialized advisor. Our advisor, who has years of relocation experience, will inform you about everything that needs to happen and will prevent you from being faced with any surprises. In this way, we can quote you an exact offer.

Step 2

Packing boxes

The next step includes the moving and packing of your belongings. This is something you could do yourself, however, we from De Bresser Acknowledged Movers offer the possibility to facilitate this for you instead. In case of wishing to pack your things yourself, you can inform us upfront. In that case, we are happy to deliver all necessary packing material to your place.

Step 3

Final check

A few days before the move, someone will visit you on-site. We will briefly discuss everything with you and, in case something still needs to be done, we will make sure to anticipate quickly. In this way, De Bresser can ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day of the move, and prevent both parties from being faced with any surprises.

Step 4


The day prior to your move you receive a call from our office to confirm the times. Our experienced movers ensure everything will run smoothly for you to move into your new home or for your household effects to be stored safely.

Step 5


The biggest part of your move has been done, and you can start unpacking. When it comes to unpacking, De Bresser offers the possibility to leave the unpacking to our experts as well. In case you wish to unpack your belongings yourself, you can take your time for this. When you finished unpacking, you can call us, and we will arrange for the packing material to be collected. For questions or remarks after the move, you can contact us as well. De Bresser – Top Movers – Acknowledged movers

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